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It's da Bulls, Natch!

The Chicago Bulls have done it again, and few are surprised. The mighty Bulls proved too much for the plucky Seattle Supersonics. Call it destiny, call it overpowering talent, call it what you will -- the Bulls are the best in the National Basketball Association.

Michael Jordan
The Bulls expected -- and got -- superlative play from superstar Michael Jordan. So great a player is Jordan that when he scored "only" 28 points in game one and 29 in game two, media sports pundits insisted he'd had two bad nights. When Jordan wasn't scoring, other Bulls were. Whether it was Ron Harper, Toni Kukoc, or Scottie Pippen, someone on the Bulls' end of the floor could be counted on to supplement the work of Jordan. And Dennis Rodman, the Peck's Bad Boy of the NBA, made sure the Bulls got possession of the ball by making full use of his rebounding skills while also psyching out the Sonics in the front court.

In the battle of two top-notch skippers, the NBA's Coach of the Year Phil Jackson of the Bulls came out on top of Seattle's hard-driving coach George Karl. Hats off to them both, and to their teams, for a fine season!

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Posted June, 1996.
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