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Jewish Cooking

A roasted chicken

There's no question about it: Jews love to eat. And one of the many wonderfully charming qualities about Jewish culture is the central role of food in both traditional celebrations and everyday home life. Mama's chicken soup is the legendary cure for whatever ails you, and what Jewish child has not had the fun of finding the hidden matzoh at a Passover seder?

At one time it was said that no candidate for Governor of New York could be elected without being photographed kissing a baby and eating a knisch (although not necessarily at the same time).

If you're not Jewish -- and maybe even if you are -- you'll want to take this opportunity to learn some of the Secrets of Jewish Cooking.

Varieties of Jewish Cooking

Jewish cuisine is not just kugel and potato latkes. Check out, for example, the flavors of Ethiopian Jewish Foods and Recipes. And did you know you can send away for kosher salsa? Desert Rose foods, in Arizona, invites you to "feel the heat and taste the passion!"

For more sources of information, indexed and rated, check out McKinley's online Magellan Internet Guide.

Posted May 31, 1996.
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