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India's Non-Melting Pot

The recent elections in India brought a big surprise, as the Congress Party -- the party of legendary leaders Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi -- lost its commanding position in parliament for the first time since independence. The vote serves as a reminder that India is not only a large and densely populated country -- it is also a country of great color and diversity.

Religions in India

With a population of more than 900 million people, India is home to several major religions. The majority of India's citizens are Hindus, but there are large Muslim and Sikh communities concentrated in several regions, and there has been a great deal of conflict among believers of these three religions over the years. Other religions claiming substantial memberships are Buddhism, Jainism, and Christianity.

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The McKinley Internet Yellow Pages are an excellent guide to on-line information about the world's religions. A good place to start is the 4-star Web site Facets of Religion. Here, for example, you can find a wealth of resources on Hinduism, among other major world religions.

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Another religion specific to the Indian subcontinent is Sikhism. We often associate Sikhs with turbans and dark beards, but behind the colorful attire is a deep religious culture. See the Sikhism Home Page for information about this fascinating religion.

Indian Cuisine

Art of Cooking
A diversity of peoples, a diversity of tastes. Indian cuisine is no exception to the richness of the subcontinent's culture. Emphatic flavors, a cornucopia of spices, delicious vegetarian treats and delights for the carnivore as well -- Indian food is the sublime result of many centuries' cooking experience.

If you want to try your hand at Indian cooking, you can download a collection of recipes from a FTP site. There's a link to this site and to other great recipe files at a New Zealand recipe archive site rated highly by McKinley Internet Yellow Pages.

For more sources of information, indexed and rated, check out McKinley's online Magellan Internet Guide.

Posted May 25, 1996.
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