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Food to Weather a Storm

What is the ideal menu for when you're caught in a storm?
Something that doesn't need to be cooked.
Because your power and gas supplies might be cut off.

When a hurricane approaches, your best chance of surviving it is to get out of its way. Not everyone can be evacuated, however, and some people choose -- whether bravely or foolishly, we won't judge -- to stay, hunkered down in their storm cellars or wherever they best can protect themselves. Local emergency authorities in hurricane areas will advise you when it's time to evacuate. We think it's wise to heed them.

Hurricane preparedness requires that you keep on hand stocks of food and -- importantly -- potable water adequate to sustain you for several days. Some good possibilities are canned meats and fish, fresh or dried fruits and vegetables, bread, breakfast cereals, and powdered milk. Remember that if your electricity is out, your refrigerator won't keep things from spoiling forever.

Prepare a Hurricane Kit

Be sure to assemble other vital emergency supplies and keep them together in a place where you'll always be able to find them quickly. For a good list of items to include, connect to Hurricane Preparedness and scroll down to the question What items should I include in my home "hurricane kit"?

Posted July, 1996.
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