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Forty Days and Forty Nights

For forty days and forty nights the waters covered the earth... The story of the righteous Noah and his family, who saved a male and a female of every animal species from the catastrophic flood of Old-Testament times, is one of the best-known Bible stories. And its most poetic rendition in the English language is to be found in the King James Version. You can read it on the Web in the following three chapters of the Book of Genesis:

Searching for the Ark

Mt. Ararat

Tradition has it that at the end of its voyage, Noah's ark landed in the Mountains of Ararat, in what are today the borderlands of Turkey and Armenia. In recent years there have been stories and rumors about alleged sightings of evidence in the region where Noah's ark is said to have come to rest.

One might well be skeptical of such allegations, but serious expeditions have taken place in search of the ark's remnants, bones, and any other possible indications. When former NASA astronaut James Irwin participated in one expedition during the 1980s, many people who had considered the rumors preposterous began to think there might be some validity to them.

Hard evidence remains elusive, but the search continues. Has Anyone Really Seen Noah's Ark? is a brief, intelligent discussion of the search efforts, published on the Web by the Associates for Biblical Research.

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Posted July, 1996.
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