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As American As...


Americans come in all skin colors, shapes, and sizes. We have blond, straight hair; black, curly hair; red hair; gray hair; no hair at all. Our eyes are brown, green, blue, hazel, bloodshot. Our mother tongue is English, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Tagalog, Persian, or any of a hundred others. We speak with a Brooklyn accent, an Ohio twang, a California slur, a Texan drawl.

We gobble down pizza like it's going out of style; wrestle moo shu pork to our mouths with chopsticks; heat up our insides with tacos. Our regional menus feature Kansas City steak, Sockeye Salmon from the Pacific Northwest, Cajun-style crawfish, Boston baked beans, Southern fried chicken, chitlin's and collard greens, Denver omelets, San Francisco sourdough bread, Alaska king crab. So what's with this "American as apple pie" thing?

You can find a bunch of recipes for apple pie -- and many other delights -- at Home Arts, a 4-star Web site, as rated by the McKinley Magellan Internet Guide. And don't forget to check out the listings in the "Food and Dining" section of the McKinley Internet Yellow Pages

Posted June 21, 1996.
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