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Plague of Frogs

Crossing the Red Sea
Rosselli, Crossing of the Red Sea

One of the best-known stories from the Old Testament is that of Moses leading the Hebrews out of their Egyptian captivity. And one of the slimiest parts of that story is the plague of frogs, told in Exodus, Chapter 8.

It is clear from the narrative that neither the Hebrews nor their captors considered the frogs a delicacy. God sent the frogs upon the Egyptians to persuade the Pharaoh that he should let God's people, as the saying goes, go. When all the houses, villages, and fields of Egypt were full of frogs, Pharaoh relented and made one of his numerous false promises to release the Hebrews. God caused the frogs to die; the Egyptians "gathered them together upon heaps; and the land stank." (KJV)

Not exactly cuisse de grenouille, but a great story.

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Posted July, 1996.
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