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Farewell to the '60s

Young LearyTimothy Leary

To those of us old enough to remember and those of us young enough to "groove," the death on Friday of philosopher-turned-drug-guru Timothy Leary brought back memories of the 1960s in America. Good memories, bad memories; memories of revolutionary idealism and social turmoil, flower-children and tragic dropouts, brilliant rock music and a drug culture that was sometimes "groovy" and sometimes destructive, a war that nearly destroyed a culture overseas and set America against itself.

Somewhere in the middle of that 1960s America, this Berkeley-educated professor of Philosophy, dismissed from his teaching position at Harvard, became a self-styled prophet to the generation -- or that part of a generation -- who, in keeping with his now-famous slogan, "turned on, tuned in, and dropped out." And in his last years, while slowly dying of cancer, Timothy Leary continued his ongoing attempt to keep up with some of the latest trends in his society. Not only did he have his own Web page; he was also one of the principal personalities behind the path-breaking, interactive hyperFuzzy site -- and an ardent advocate of the idea that the personal computer is a true instrument of personal freedom.

Many would deny Leary's claim to being a "real" philosopher. He was to some a cult hero, to others an emissary of the devil, and to still others an eccentric (or misguided, or crazy -- take your pick) fringe character. Philosopher or not, it is to the memory of that true son of the 60s, Timothy Leary, that this page is dedicated.

"Real" Philosophy Links

The McKinley Internet Yellow Pages, together with Mckinley's online Internet Guide, can show you how to find a wealth of Web, Gopher, and other resources across a wide range of philosophy-related topics. Check out, for example, the Guide to Philosophy on the Internet, a site maintained by Earlham College.

Sixties' Food


Remembering the sixties, here are two recipes from a 3-star McKinley Internet Yellow Pages Web site, Veggies Unite! that are in keeping with the spirit of those long-gone, golden years:

Baked Brown Rice

Mushroomburgers -- And be sure you use the right kind of mushrooms (wink).

More adventurous users may dare to experiment with some favorite recipes Leary had posted at his website when he was alive.

For more culinary delights, turn to McKinley's online Magellan Internet Guide.

Posted June 4, 1996.
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