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Time Warner Quick Reads

The Quick Reads are Out of Print and no longer available for download and purchase!

How To Purchase Time Warner Quick Reads

To begin, make sure you have downloaded the Sampler first. It not only gives you previews of 15 titles, it also contains the READER.

Once you have the READER, you are ready to buy a complete Time Warner Quick Read file.

Just press the "Purchase Link" next to the title you want to buy.

You will be asked for your payment information and selected titles (you can buy several in any session) and given an "Unlock Pair" (a login/password) that you will need at the "File Download Window" to download your new book! When you submit your order, your credit card information will be validated and a link to the files will be established. Using your "Unlock Pair" you can receive your files. Run the .exe file, allow overwrite of any Time Warner Quick Read files if prompted, and then sit back and read!

How to Download the FREE Quick Read Sampler

Where to ask for additional Help

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