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The Pocket Marketer large cover

The Pocket Marketer

By Brian Scott Sockin and Janet Grottalio

The only hands-on marketing guide designed to put the information you need at your fingertips. THE POCKET MARKETER makes you an instant generalist, giving you mastery over:

THE POCKET MARKETER is the perfect tool for every business and every business person.

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Marketing Online
A new OBS online release of Marcia Yudkin's new book! This preview invites you to add your comments and stories to be included in the upcoming paper publication.

The Electronic Marketing Manual
Hands-on information about technologies and techniques from the book by direct mail pioneer Cecil C. Hoge, Sr. See also The Hoge Collection of his articles.

GVU's 2nd WWW User Surveys
Extensive information from the Graphic, Visualization, & Usability Center's four surveys on general demographics, WWW browser usage, authoring information, and consumers.

Internet Business Statistics
Internet demographics, size, growth, and market segments, assembled by the Internet Business Center.

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