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Knights of the Tele-Round Table large cover

Knights of the Tele-Round Table

By Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D.

Written as an entertaining yet insightful business novel, KNIGHTS OF THE TELE-ROUND TABLE shows you how to successfully meet today's greatest business challenge: getting results when your team is distant from you and from each other. Now everyone can benefit from ideas that are influencing the way that people are managing across the nation... and across the globe.

You'll learn:

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Communicationg with People
Chapter 3 of the bestselling The Internet Companion, 2nd. ed. by Tracy LaQuey.

Foundation for Enterprise Development
Practical information on developing a productive business based on the stragegy of creating solid employer-employee relationships.

No Place Like Home
An article on telecommuting from In Perspective, the WilTel magazine that explores a broad range of telecommunications issues.

John Eleman, co-host of the Pacific Rim Conference at the Well, shares his thoughts on this subject.

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