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When Friday Isn't Payday large cover

When Friday Isn't Payday:
A Complete Guide To Starting, Running, And Surviving In A Very Small Business

By Randy W. Kirk

The only book of its kind ever published tells you, step by step, how to start your own very small business and keep it running profitably, through the good times and the tough times. Written by a successful businessman and national lecturer, WHEN FRIDAY ISN'T PAYDAY:

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Internet Links to Small Business Information:

Khera Communications' Business Resource Center
Formerly the Small Business Help Center, this site was created to help businesses get useful information to help them grow.

NetMarquee: A Business Information Resource
Articles, papers, and services for small and medium-sized businesses, with separate emphasis on family businesses and emerging businesses.

Nolo's Fast Facts: Debt Collectors
By the Editors of Nolo Press, six frequently asked questions and answers.

SBA: Starting Your Business
SBA: Financing Your Business
A starting point to locate the Small Business Administration resources in your area of the USA, and information about securing capital, loan guarantees, and specialized financing.

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