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About Time Warner Electronic Publishing

Time Warner Electronic Publishing is the multimedia arm of Time Warner Trade Publishing, comprising of Warner Books Inc. and Little, Brown and Company, with interests in on-line commercial services, the Internet (Pathfinder, Time Inc. www site), original CD-ROM development, books on a floppy disk publishing program called Time Warner Quick Reads, and the creation of the on-line mystery game, Modus Operandi, in tandem with Simutronics Corporation.

Pathfinder offers a complete directory of all of Time Warner's primary content providers from Time Warner Electronic Publishing to Time magazine and Sports Illustrated among others including Time-Life Books' "Virtual Garden."

Current TWEP CD-ROM titles in development include The Baby Book, a childcare primer for parents with children 0-24 months; Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, Electronic Edition which will expand upon the concept of quotation to include picture, sound and video quotes; The Robot Club, a learning adventure for all ages-- build your own robot and take on the world; Qin (pronounced "Ching"): Tomb of the Middle Kingdom, a photo-realistic learning adventure set in the tomb of the first emperor of China; The Ansel Adams Screensaver which contains 25 images from the Mural Project and displayed in an elegant slide show with simple visual transitions when the user's computer is idle (these titles due by Holiday 1995); BodyVision, an anatomical travelogue from photographer/artist/author Alexander Tsiaras; and Mirage, a multimedia event combining the talents of Matthew J. Costello, novelist and script writer of "7th Guest" and F. Paul Wilson, bestselling author of The Select. A companion novel of Mirage will be published simultaneously by Aspect, the science fiction imprint of Warner Books, these products due spring 1996.

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