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Catbird Press

Ongoing Fiction Editing Project -- Floyd Kemske

The Lidsky Files: Reading to be Read


Thunderbolt Thinking - Grace McGartland

Transform Your Insight & Options into Powerful Business Results
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Nelson Mandela

Long Walk To Freedom:The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela: Der Lange Weg Zur Freiheit

Cecil C. Hoge, Sr.

The Electronic Marketing Manual
Hypermedia presentation of selected chapters

The Hoge Collection
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Reference Press Inc.

The Reference Press, Inc. Home Page

Editorial, Inc.

_Internet Companion_, 2nd ed.
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"...worth its price for the appendixes alone." --The Wall Street Journal (Monday, January 16, 1995)

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Colin Haynes

_Paperless Publishing_ - Complete book in hypermedia

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_Information Superhighway_ video / _Internet Companion_, 2nd ed.
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Henry Holt, Inc.

The Henry Holt, Inc. Home Page

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McGraw-Hill, Inc.

McGraw-Hill logo
The McGraw-Hill Home Page

The New Middle East Magazine

The New Middle East Magazine, Volume 1, Number 2, excerpts

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Marcia P. Williams, Sue A. Cubbage

_The 1995 National Job Hotline Directory_ (small cover gif 75KB)

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Christine Maxwell, Czeslaw Jan Grycz

_New Riders' Official Internet Yellow Pages_ - Presentation and Whimsical Tour

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Colin Haynes & Dr. M.A. Gillman

_The Osiris Project_ - The Near Death Experience

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Globe Pequot Press

To the Spring 1994 Catalog

Pondaray Enterprises/Global Rarities/Notecards

Product presentation -- graphics intensive

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Joyce Lain Kennedy/Thomas Morrow

Electronic Job Search Revolution and Electronic Resume Revolution (demo)

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Richard Wiggins

The Internet for Everyone (demo)

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Bernice Chesler

Bernice Chesler's Bed & Breakfast in Massachusetts (hypermedia presentation)

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Richard Dooling

White Man's Grave (demo)

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Adrian Butash

Bless This Food

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Stephen King

Umney's Last Case

Applewhite, Evans, Frothingham

And I Quote (Voyager)

John Ashbery

Selected poetry

Paulina Borsook

Virtual Romance

Lewis Carroll

Alice in Wonderland (Voyager)

Robert Coover

Selected short fiction

Gardner Dozois

The Year's Best Science Fiction (Voyager)

Tracy LaQuey

The Internet Companion (Voyager)

William Gibson

Virtual Light (Voyager)

James Gleick

Genius : The Life and Science of Richard Feynman (Voyager)

Peter Kramer, M.D.

Listening to Prozac (Voyager)

Madeleine L'Engle

Wrinkle in Time Trilogy (Voyager)

Frederik Leboyer

Birth Without Violence

Henry Maurer

Sex: An Oral History (Voyager)

Brinson & Radcliffe

Multimedia Law Handbook

Charles Spurgeon

Ethernet Guide

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