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An Air Courier Sampler

Three of the larger courier brokers and some of their most popular routes

Departure point New York Los Angeles Miami
Popular routes Rome, London, Milan, Rio de Janeiro Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Madrid, Mexico City, Santiago
Airlines commonly used on those routes Al Italia, Continental, TWA, Varig United States, Japan American, Ladeco, Varig
Average length of stay One week Two weeks One week

Baggage allotment One carry-on One carry-on Two carry-on

Requirements Must be 18, $50 registration fee Must be 18, no criminal record, $35 registration fee Must be 18
Comment Cheapest fares are between New Year's Day and March 15 Call two months in advance for a specific travel date Cheap fares for flights on extremely short notice

Source: Individual brokers.

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