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A Snapshot of
America's Chronically Late Flights

The worst offenders can change all the time, depending on the weather and the popularity of a given location over the year. The numbers below are for December 1994.

Airline Flight No. Origin Destination Arrivals Over 15 mins. Late* Average Lateness
Southwest 969 Las Vegas Los Angeles 100.00% 39 mins.
Southwest 923 Oklahoma City Phoenix 100.00% 58 mins.
Southwest 923 Phoenix Los Angeles 96.43% 52 mins.
Southwest 1736 Spokane San Francisco 93.55% 35 mins.
Southwest 1736 San Francisco Burbank 90.32% 38 mins.
Southwest 923 St. Louis Oklahoma City 89.68% 38 mins.
Continental 1597 Greensboro/ High Point Atlanta 88.69% 25 mins.
Continental 261 San Juan Newark 86.24% 57 mins.
Southwest 1095 Los Angeles Las Vegas 87.50% 45 mins.
US Air 352 Miami New York/ LaGuardia 87.10% 28 mins.
American 856 Dallas/ Ft. Worth Norfolk/ Va. Beach 86.67% 40 mins.
Continental 1416 Atlanta Newark 85.19% 37 mins.
Southwest 1736 Burbank Las Vegas 83.87% 38 mins.
US Air 277 Philadelphia Charlotte 83.87% 29 mins.
Southwest 1747 Tucson Los Angeles 83.33% 32 mins.
* Delays caused by mechanical problems not included.
Source: U.S. Department of Transportation.

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