Marketing Online

Marketing Online:
Low-cost, High-yield Strategies for Small Businesses and Professionals

by Marcia Yudkin


About The Author

I Orientation and Overview

1 How Online Activity Produces Business
2 Personal Marketing for Fame and Fortune
3 An Online Orientation
4 Overcoming the Fear Factor

II Online Marketing Tactics

5 Choosing Your Pond and Personality
6 Schmoozing: Making Connections without Soliciting Business
7 Schmoozing: Understanding the Medium
8 Schmoozing: Advanced Tactics
9 Posting Free Information
10 Answering Reporters' and Authors' Appeals
11 Making a Guest Appearance or Hosting a Live Conference
12 Becoming a Designated Expert or System Operator
13 Creating Your Own Bulletin Board, Mailing List or World Wide Web Site

III Problems and Solutions

14 Producing Readable Electronic Text
15 Inspiring Trust
16 International Considerations
17 When and How to Run Paid Online Advertisements
18 When and How to Send E-mail Solicitations
19 Dousing the Flames
20 Legal and Ethical Danger Areas
21 Practical Risks to Beware Of
22 Getting Addicted or Enslaved
23 Staying Open for Business

IV Resources

24 Glossary
25 Resources
26 Index

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