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"Marketing Online" by Marcia Yudkin

Message on January 3, 1996

Subject: Everyone in my downline buys Marcia

I was in shock! I have read Marcia's book 6 Steps to Free Publicity. I have read it 6 times and it is a permanent part of my reference library. Tonight I was surfing the web and stopped at mlmwomen site. I read that Marcia had written another book on Online marketing and the bookstore was already closed. I used the excite search engine to find this site and was at least able to look at 2 chapters before going to the book store tomorrow. I have a large organization with Cell Tech and our site can be found at http://www.calypso.com/april When I come across good reference books like those of Marcia Yudkin, I make it required reading for all members of my group so that they can easily duplicate and we become an even larger organization. I get to share the algae dream and also make a lot of money!! I just read about the 40,000 job cuts at AT&T. This is the biggest layoff since July 1993. We have helped a lot of people build residual income so they can sleep soundly at night. Love to all, Alan

Alan Rothman