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"Marketing Online" by Marcia Yudkin

Message on January 1, 1996

I enjoyed reading the schmoozing chapters from Marcia's book and the comments from you others. I'm just starting to market a course on disk, THE SECRETS OF DATING ASIAN WOMEN, and it's been somewhat frustrating, and I haven't made a fortune yet! But I'm learning a lot. My experience raises a question. I enjoy talking about the subject of the course and would like to write more about it online than I have so far but to some it pushes emotional hot buttons and I don't care to be flamed or otherwise the target of online idiocy. Most people online are reasonable and intelligent and want useful information, but I've observed many unreasonable responses whenever the subject of Western men dating Asian women comes up. Anyone know how to avoid this? I don't advocate or advise on anything immoral or illegal, but as Marcia has found, some people have their own agenda and the facts don't always matter, especially when sex, politics and religion are involved!

Anyway, comments on this should go to rhenderson@cdmnet.com Anyone wanting info on the course can get a free report via autoresponder at mangopress@cdmnet.com

Bob Henderson