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"Marketing Online" by Marcia Yudkin

Message on November 5, 1995

This thread is for any updates and corrections of the text of Marketing Online, now that it's available in bookstores.

I wanted to let people know about a funny confirmation I received of one of the points I made in the book. In chapter 14 I warned against including any unusual characters in one's Web address, like |, ~ or ^. Turns out that one of the Web addresses in the "Voices from the Web" section at the very front of the book should have had a ~ in it, but, as I said in chapter 14, my word processing program can't print a ~ and even though I typed the address in correctly, the ~ didn't print and didn't end up in the book.

Beware the tilde, folks (as the ~ is called)!

Marcia Yudkin