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"Marketing Online" by Marcia Yudkin

Message on September 4, 1995

Subject: Telemarketing from prison

We started a call center under the auspices of Arizona Correctional Industries from within prison facilities with inmates. Our speciality in high-tech marketing applications -- computers and software with programs for lead generation, cross-selling or up-selling customers.

After reading a few chapters of Marketing Online I started cruising the forums in CompuServe and found several situations where I could provide some helpful information about effective techniques and benchmarking information about telemarketing programs.

And by using the technique, of "by the way, our call center specializes in these applications" we have gained several new accounts. We also make a point of disclosing the nature of our operation as being from within a prison facility and have found that we get several responses just interested in that aspect of the program.

I hope to be able to continue that thread with links to the programs we do through Episcopal Prison Outreach so we can continue to provide helpful services for all of our constituents -- clients, staff, and society.

Ron Bell