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"Marketing Online" by Marcia Yudkin

Message on July 31, 1995

I have had a great deal of success publicizing my site by simply getting on the Prodigy, AOL, and Compuserve forums and bulletin boards and asking for interested parties to preview my site and give me advice on how I can make it better and more user friendly. I also ask for help advertising my site and any suggestions people might have for doing so. While technically it might be an ad (which you are not supposed to do) it really was meant to serve as a way to get some advice from online users. But it's working so well to advertise my site that I continue to ask for advice knowing it will pick up my traffic count. Which currently is up to about 10,000 hits a week.

Do you all think that this is wrong? I really am in search of advice and the publicity it generates is also welcome.Thanks!

Barry Gainer
The Indian River Gift Fruit Company
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