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"Marketing Online" by Marcia Yudkin

Message on July 30, 1995

Subject: Your WWW Page

I know that you researched the WWW before creating a page and it SHOWS. Not only is your page excellent, the free chapters that you allow people to read when they get to your page are FABULOUS.

You have keen insight into both Publicity and Marketing and your abilitity to share it is outstanding. I believe that people will be fortunate to have a book as thorough as yours on their book shelves.

I will be ordering your new book (I already have everything you have written prior) as soon as it is available _autographed_.

If any of your readers start online businesses don't forget to tell them to stop by www.charge.com to learn how to accept MasterCard/Visa in their biz, even if they are new, small, homebased businesses and their local bank will not extend merchant status to them.

Good Luck!
Sheila Danzig
Author Turn Your Computer Into a Money Machine.