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"Marketing Online" by Marcia Yudkin

Message on July 21, 1995

Dear Marcia,

I am writing on CIS after downloading three chapters from your WWW page because I have twice finished this note to you on your book's internet page and had my computer disconnect seconds before I pushed the send button.

First of all congratulations on your book. It presents some very concrete and non-hyped ways of marketing on the Internet. I wrote you in WFH and I am not sure if I am repeating myself. If I am I apologize, if not you may want to use the following example of schmoozing's snow-balling effect.

I help students with their essays for college and grad school, and therefore hang out on various student forums looking for headings like "Application essays" or "Help with personal statement." When I saw someone in the student section of the Legal Forum looking for help one day, I responded. I answered his questions with suggestions and offered further assistance either in the forum or via e-mail. This student became one of my best clients. A few weeks later, someone else was looking for help on the forum, and he referred her to me. Two others saw the exchange, and they too became clients. In addition to the nice profit, I received some wonderful testimonials from these clients which I am using (obviously with their permission) in all my marketing literature.

Linda Abraham