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"Marketing Online" by Marcia Yudkin

Message on July 6, 1995

If you have time, do it easy. Let your talented friends do it for you. Good writing doesn't always require good literary skills or proper spelling. Witness my Dad, who has been telling war stories (or just stories about his life in general) since I was a tiny thing (that was long ago!).

The point is his writing (with a little editing) has created a little excitement despite being buried in the hundreds listed in Yahoo's Entertainment/People category. Why? Cuz WWII veterans are becoming extinct. And certainly many are not still in the learning stages of their lives. Some are however, as my Dad proves, becoming computer literate in record time, and finally writing down his stories for his current and new buddies to read. Check it out at http://www.onestep.com/personal/cecil/ . Anyway, the marketing angle here is simple. Get a good product, use a simple tool to show people its worth (Internet), and do a simple ad campaign (Yahoo!). Why get so complicated?

Michael Crawford