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"Marketing Online" by Marcia Yudkin

Message on July 2, 1995

Marcia & Online Marketing Forum,

Great concept of using the online medium, the world wide web (www) in marketing your book "Marketing Online"...a brilliant move. Sharing a few chapters highlighting tips, tricks and a few secrets shows that the book is must reading for all who will be using the www.

The online medium and the use of web sites are very powerful resources to an to an organization's bottom line.

Marketing and information technology will be strategic alliances for competitive survial in the 90's.

In my observation combining your comments in your book and then forming a team of conceptual and visionary thinkers who are concerned for "what is right" and then taking "Marketing Online" to a thinking of oustide-the-box level will be in a leadership role and remain in competitive advantage.

Thanks for sharing your book via the web site and allowing people to think as entrepreneurs and be agile to the use of web sites and see how change can benefit them and their organizations. It is better to be agile and change...then to have changing faces.

Marketing Online is where the action and future resources and information will be reside. Mine the ore (information) into gold (knowledge) for entrance into the transition zone--the void area where exciting and innovative things happen for results.

Oh...we have a www site that is currently under construction. In the meantime to see an innovative use of a www site for marketing Oakland Raiders Personal Seat Licenses (PSL) check out the Coliseum's web site at http://www.cyberzine.com/raiders for a sneak preview of things to come to the online world.

I enjoyed previewing your books via the www.

Again, thank you for allowing this opportunity.


Steve Koss
Oakland Coliseum