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Message on June 29, 1995

Subject: Online With My Book

I am the author of a book, THE EMPEROR'S VIRTUAL CLOTHES: THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT INTERNET CULTURE, to be published in September 1995 by Algonquin Books. The book itself became a reality after the editor posted a message to the newsgroup misc.writing asking writers to submit proposals for a book dealing with Internet culture. Over 50 writers responded, and it took months before I was chosen. I used the Internet to research the book, of course, and have since used groups like alt.journalism and alt.internet.media-coverage to find journalists interested in reviewing it. (About 100 journalists have responded to date, and review copies went out last week. Some have already e-mailed me back to say they plant to write about the book.) I have found that politeness and professionalism go a long way -- I didn't blanket the Internet with 'spam' messages or blatant promotion. We will be putting my e-mail address on the book's jacket so that readers can contact me if they like the book, or even if they don't. I have often wanted to contact an author after reading a book, but sending mail to a publisher and hoping they forward it has seemed too cumbersome. E-mail makes it easy.

Dinty W. Moore, Author
Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill
Septmeber 1995