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"Marketing Online" by Marcia Yudkin

Message on June 26, 1995

Our company, Cyberia Communications, Inc. started as a 6 line BBS system in June of 1993. We have used many onlne marketing technicques to market our business. One of our best was to look up listings of AOL's members in our local area, and then email them information about our BBS. Some people have an adversity to unsolicited email like this. But with this targeted market we were able to locate people in our area with modems who really wanted to find out about our services. I polite and nice letter giving people valuable information can go a long way, it has for us.

We have now moved into the Internet, and are making it easy for our local callers to get connected.

To visit our BBS, telnet://cyberia.com, and visit our home page at http://www.cyberia.com

Adam Viener
Cyberia Communications, Inc.