The New Middle East Magazine
August-September 1994
Vol. 1 No. 2

Publishers' Corner

In May-June we sent a correspondent to Amman to prepare articles for this issue of the magazine. At the time, King Hussein still seemed frozen by hesitation. Some believed he was waiting for Syria before proceeding on his own with Israel. Others argued he was waiting to see if the Israel-PLO accord would really be implemented.

But persuaded, as this magazine is, that the magnet of peace is now pulling all, we saw no reason to wait. Our correspondent went to Jordan not to interrogate cab drivers for opinions or diplomats for secrets, but to seek out signals of cultural change that peace expectations inevitably create.

She found them in such diverse places like a balloon ride over a desert gearing for border-crossing tourists, in a comedy team riding on Jordan's freer domestic atmosphere, and in a talented young architect riding on the kingdom's new assertion of cultural identity. It did not take long after her return to Jerusalem for King Hussein to write his own headline over the signals.

There are, of course, still those on both side of the Israel-Arab fence that oppose the peace process. And there are many, many more that keep their skepticism tensely cocked. They still view this magazine as alien, outside the consensus, or, to use their favorite word, "premature."

Each passing day puts them increasingly out of step, as businessman, officials, and even army generals in the region know. And meanwhile we shall continue to embrace the irony that peace will prosper much more rapidly than its messengers.

Chaim Shur - - - - - - Hanna Siniora

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