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Introduction to the Bookshelves

Open Book Systems (OBS), a division of the Online BookStore, specializes in full-text online publishing, making static publications into dynamic experiences. We published the first full-text "distributive" book on the Internet, Tracy LaQuey's The Internet Companion, in December, 1992, and have been actively publishing full texts online ever since. Feel free to explore the diverse collection of distributive publications at OBS. These online books implement new publishing strategies to offer readers customized access to the ideas and information of each book, contextualized on the living Internet palette.

Readers are essential to books--both online and on paper! You can participate in some of the books here at OBS, such as the discussion groups attached to Bernstein and Ma's The Practical Guide to Practically Everything, Negroponte's Being Digital or Yudkin's Marketing Online--or just send private email to let us know how we can better serve your interests and reading needs. Thank you.

Email to Laura Fillmore or the Webmaster is always welcomed.

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