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Information Superhighway

Understanding and Using the Internet - A Step-by-Step Guide

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About the Video

Free Range Media, in association with White Rain Films of Seattle, has produced a comprehensive video guide to the Internet. Its title is "Information SuperHighway - Understanding and Using the Internet - A Step-by-Step Guide." All aspects of Internet access, protocols, and search and retrieval tools are covered in an easy to follow, instructional manner with screen shots to demonstrate all basic commands. An interesting cross section of real life Internet users is presented from University professor to Investment Consultant with specific examples of their day to day Internet activity.

Most of us, by this time, have heard of the Internet with related articles appearing almost daily in local, national and international press. Though hype abounds, the excitement is not unfounded. This network of networks can literally connect you to the world.

In this presentation, you will be shown the basic protocols of E-Mail, File Transfer Protocol and Telnet as well as the latest Internet tools such as Gopher, World Wide Web, Archie, Veronica and WAIS. These tools can help you locate, browse and retrieve information on the subject of your choice. Designed with the novice PC user in mind, this tutorial is both fun and interesting with interviews and demonstrations from actual Internet users.

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