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About FreeRange Media

A new media hybrid, or perhaps the ultimate media form - combining the best features of all the others, the Internet certainly demands a new set of skills to effectively utilize it's capabilities. FreeRange Media, Inc. offers a balanced approach to your project with equal parts of technological know how, creative license and Internet marketing expertise. Our staff will help you define your presence from a results standpoint. Video, Multimedia and CD-ROM - Free Range Media has the capability of taking your information and bringing it not only to the Internet community, but to other delivery platforms as well. The broadest reach to your target audience can involve joint production on many platforms.

Home Page Publishing allows the business desiring a presence on the Internet to showcase their company or products utilizing interactive, multimedia presentations. From the Home Page, a user moves through hyperlinked information either within the document, or to other locations on the Internet utilizing the popular front end browsing tool called "Mosaic".

WWW, or World Wide Web, brings together the global family of Home pages and their underlying linked components and allows you to seamlessly jump from one to the other with point and click simplicity. Whether it is E-mail, project bidding, manufacturing, distribution, buying and selling or marketing and advertising, Internet connectivity and WWW are making business more efficient and competitive.

Free Range Media can take your ideas, product catalogs, technical manuals, company profile, or current marketing materials and convert them to on-line documentation. Either in conjunction with your internal marketing people or outside agency, or with Free Range Media graphic designers and technical writers, we can assist you in developing the right look and feel for the new venue of information delivery.

An intelligent, interactive presentation to this market of over 20 million users can yield specific identification of a target audience to direct in depth, constructive information. The result is new customers who appreciate your non-invasive 90's approach to marketing.

The Internet has over 20 million users in over 60 countries and is growing at an estimated rate of 10 % per month. For business users the Internet is not only a vehicle to access valuable information, but a cost effective way to provide information and services to both customers and subscribers worldwide.

For more information on Free Range Media services, send e-mail to or call Free Range Media at (206) 340.9305.

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