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North Shore Access Dial-up: 617-593-4557 (v.32bis, v.32, PEP) login new Area Codes: 617, 508 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: $9/month includes 10 hours connect, $1/hr thereafter, higher volume discount plans also available Email: Phone: 617-593-3110

Northwest Nexus, Inc. Dial-up: contact for numbers Area Code: 206 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: $10/month for first 10 hours + $3/hr; $20 start-up Email: Phone: 206-455-3505

NovaLink Dial-up: (800) 937-7644 login new or info; 508-754-4009 2400, 14400 Area Codes: 508, 617, PDN Long Distance: CPS: $1.80/hour 2400, 9600; SprintNet $1.80/hour nights and weekendsFees: $12.95 sign-up (refundable and includes 2 hours) + $9.95/mo (includes 5 daytime hours) + $1.80/hrEmail: Phone: 800-274-2814

Nuance Network Services Dial-up: contact for number Area Code: 205 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: personal $25/month + $35 start-up, corporate: call for options Email: Phone: 205-533-4296

Nyx, the Spirit of the Night Dial-up: 303-871-3324Area Codes: 303 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: none; donations are accepted but not requested Email: Phone: login to find current list of volunteer 'phone' helpers

OARnet Dial-up: send Email to Area Codes: 614, 513, 419, 216, 800 Long Distance: 800 serviceFees: $4.00/hr to $330.00/month; call for code or send Email.Email: Phone: 614-728-8100Fax: 614-292-7168

Old Colorado City Communications (oldcolo) Dial-up: 719-632-4111 login newuser Area Code: 719 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: $25/monthEmail:; Phone: 719-632-4848, or 719-636-2040 Fax: 719-593-7521

Olympus—The Olympic Peninsula's Gateway to the Internet Dial-up: contact phone number below Area Code: 206 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: $25/month + $10 startup Email: Phone: 206-385-0464

PANIX Public Access Unix Dial-up: 212-787-3100 login newuser Area Codes: 212, 718 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: $19/month or $208/year + $40 signup Email: Phone: 212-877-4854 (Alexis Rosen)

The Pipeline Dial-up: 212-267-8606 login guest Area Codes: 212, 718 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: $15/month (inc. 5 hrs) or $20/20 hrs or $35 unlimited Email:, Phone: 212-267-3636

The Portal System Dial-up: 408-973-8091 high-speed, 408-725-0561 2400bps; login info Area Codes: 408, 415, PDN Long Distance: SprintNet: $2.50/hour off-peak, $7-$10/hour peak; Tymnet: $2.50/hour off-peak, $13/hour peakFees: $19.95/month + $19.95 signupEmail:, Phone: 408-973-9111 Off-peak: 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. + weekends and holidays

Prairienet Freenet Dial-up: (217) 255-9000 login visitor Area Code: 217 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: Free for Illinois residents, $25/year for non-residents Email: Phone: 217-244-1962

PREPnet Dial-up: contact for numbers Area Codes: 215, 412, 717, 814 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: $1,000/year membership. Equipment: $325 onetime fee plus $40/monthEmail: Phone: 412-268-7870Fax: 412-268-7875

PSILink—Personal Internet Access Dial-up: North America, send email to and; Rest of World, send email to Area Code: PDNLong Distance: (per hour, off-peak/peak) PSINet A: included; PSINet B: $6/$2.50; PSINet B international: $18/$18Fees: 2400: $19/month; 9600: $29/month (PSILink software included) Email:, Phone: 703-709-0300; Fax: 703-620-4586

PSI's World-Dial Service Dial-up: send email to numbers- Area Codes: PDN Long Distance: (per hour, off-peak/peak) V.22bis: $1.25/$2.75; V.32: $3.00/$4.50; 14.4K: $4.00/$6.50 Fees: $9/month minimum + $19 startupEmail: all-, Phone: 703-703-0300; Fax: 703-620-4586 Off-peak: 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. + weekends and holidays

PSS Internet Services, Inc. Dial-up: 904-239-8355 V.42bis; login newuser, password signup Area Codes: 904, 407 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: $19.50/mo + $20.00 sign-up Email: Phone: 904-253-7100;Fax: 904-253-1006

RainDrop Laboratories Dial-up: 503-293-1772 (2400) 503-293-2059 (v.32, v.32 bis) login apply Area Codes: 503 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: $6/month (1 hr/day limit)Email:

RealTime Communications (wixer) Dial-up: 512-459-4391 login new Area Code: 512 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: $75/year. Monthly and quarterly rates available.Email: Phone: 512-451-0046 (11 a.m.-6 p.m. Central Time, weekdays)Fax: 512-459-3858

South Coast Computing Services, Inc. (nuchat) Dial-up: (713) 661-8593 (v.32)—(713) 661-8595 (v.32bis) Area Code: 713 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: Dial-up—$3/hour, UUCP—$1.50/hour or $100/month unlimited, dedicated—$120, unlimited access Email: Phone: 713-917-5000

Systems Solutions (ssnet) Dial-up: contact for infoArea Code: 302 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: full service $25/month $20/startup; personal slip/ppp $25/month + $2/hour, $20/startup; dedicated slip/ppp $150/month, $450/startup Email: Phone: (302) 378-1386, (800) 331-1386

Teleport Dial-up: 503-220-0636 (2400) 503-220-1016 (v.32, v.32 bis) login new Area Code: 503 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: $10/month (1 hr/day limit)Email: Phone: 503-223-4245

Telerama Public Access Internet Dial-up: 412-481-5302 login new(2400) Area Code: 412 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: 66 cents/hour 2400bps; $1.32/hour 14.4K bps; $6 min/monthEmail: Phone: 412-481-3505

Texas Metronet Dial-up: 214-705-2901/817-261-1127 (V.32bis),214-705-2929(PEP), login info or 214-705-2917/817-261-7687 (2400) login signup Area Codes: 214, 817Long Distance: provided by user Fees: $5-$45/month + $10-$30 startupEmail: Phone: 214-705-2900, 817-543-8756Fax: 214-401-2802 (8 a.m.-5 p.m. CST weekdays)

UK PC User Group (ibmpcug) Dial-up: +44 (0)81 863 6646 Area Code: +44 (0)81Long Distance: provided by user Fees: GBPounds 15.50/month or 160/year + 10 startup (no time charges)Email: Phone: +44 (0)81 863 6646

University of Alaska Southeast, Tundra Services Dial-up: 907-789-1314 Area Code: 907 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: $20/month for individual accounts; discounts for 25+ and 50+ to public, government, and non-profit organizations.Email: Phone: 907-465-6453 Fax: 907-465-6295

UUNET Canada, Inc. Dial-up: contact for numbers Area Codes: 416, 905, 519, 613, 514, 604, 403 Long Distance: provided by userFees: (All Cdn$ + GST) TAC: $6/hr; UUCP: $20/month + $6/hr, IP/UUCP: $50/month + $6/hr, ask for prices on other servicesEmail: Phone: 416-368-6621Fax: 416-368-1350

UUnorth Dial-up: contact for numbers Area Codes: 416, 519, 613 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: (All Cdn$ + GST) $20 startup + $25 for 20 hours Off-peak: + $1.25/hr OR $40 for 40 hours up to 5/day + $2/hr OR $3/hrEmail: Phone: 416-225-8649Fax: 416-225-0525

Vnet Internet Access, Inc. Dial-up: 704-347-8839, 919-406-1544, 919-851-1526 'new'Area Codes: 704, 919 Long Distance: Available for $3.95 per hour through Global Access. Contact Vnet offices for more information. Fees: $25/month individual. $12.50 a month for telnet-in-only. SLIP/PPP/UUCP starting at $25/month.Email: Phone: 704-334-3282

The Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (WELL) Dial-up: 415-332-6106 login newuser Area Code: 415, PDN Long Distance: Compuserve Packet Network: $4/hourFees: $15.00/month + $2.00/hrEmail: Phone: 415-332-4335

The World Dial-up: 617-739-9753 login new Area Code: 617, PDN Long Distance: Compuserve Packet Network: $5.60/hourFees: $5.00/month + $2.00/hr or $20/month for 20 hours Email: Phone: 617-739-0202

Wyvern Technologies, Inc. Dial-up: (804) 627-1828 Norfolk, (804) 886-0662 (Peninsula) Area Codes: 804 Long Distance: provided by user Fees: $15/month or $144/year, $10 startupEmail: Phone: 804-622-4289Fax: 804-622-7158

Public Data Networks Contacts (PDN)
BT Tymnet. For information and local access numbers, call 800-937-2862 or 215-666-1770.

Compuserve Packet Network. You do not have to be a Compuserve member to use the CPN to dial other services. For information and local access numbers, call 800-848-8199.

PSINet. For information, call 800-82-PSI-82 or 703-620-6651, or send email to For a list of local access numbers, send email to:

Freenets and Groups Offering Internet Access
California Online Resource for Education (CORE), Keith Vogt, Administrator, P.O. Box 3842, 4665 Langson Ave., Seal Beach, CA 90740 Phone: (800) 272-8743 Email:

Institute for Global Communications (IGC) (Peacenet, Econet, Conflictnet, Labornet), 18 De Boom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107Phone: (415) 442-0220 Fax: (415) 546-1794 Email: support@igc.apc.orgInformation:; gopher://

Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet), Scott Fritz, User Service Coordinator, 200 Heinbel Bldg., Columbia, MO 65211 Phone: (314) 882-2000 Fax: (314) 884-5240 Email: nic@more.netInformation:; gopher://

National Public Telecomputing Network (NPTN) (Freenets), Box 1987, Cleveland, OH 44106Phone: (216) 247-5800 Fax: (216) 247-3328 Email: Information:

Public Education Network (PEN), Dr. Harold Cother, Administrator, P.O. Box 2120, Richmond, VA 23216Phone: (804) 225-2921 Email:

SENDIT, North Dakota K-12 Education Telecommunications Net, Gleason Sackman, Administrator Box 5164, North Dakota State University, Computer Center, Fargo, ND 58105 Phone: (701) 237-8109 Email:

The Texas Education Network (TENET), The Texas Education Agency (TEA), 1701 N. Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78701 Phone: (512) 463-0828 ext. 39091 Fax: (512) 463-9090 Email: Information: gopher://

For Additional Information.A list of freenets is accessible at gopher:// (Choose Hot Topics:, then A&M's Most Popular Items, then Freenets.) For additional information, send email to

MTLNET is an email list that discusses freenet issues. List address: MTLNET@VM1.MCGILL.CA. To subscribe: LISTSERV@VM1.MCGILL.CA; in the body of the message type sub mtlnet your name.

Lists of Providers
Dedicated Line Internet Providers (DLIST). Compiled by Susan Estrada, made freely available by O'Reilly and Associates. Send email to to get a copy.

Internet Access Providers. Compiled by SRI International Network Information Systems Center (NISC). Archived at: and gopher:// internet, then providers.) Also available in hardcopy form in Internet: Getting Started, published by Prentice Hall.

Network Service Providers Around the World. Compiled by Barry Raveendran Greene. Archived at and gopher:// internet, then providers.) Or send email to for more information.

Open Access Unix Sites: NIXPUB List. Compiled by Paul Eschallier. Posted regularly to the USENET newsgroups comp.misc, comp.bbs.misc, and alt.bbs. Archived at gopher://

Public Dialup Internet Access List (PDIAL). Compiled and maintained by Peter Kaminski. Posted regularly to the following USENET newsgroups: alt.internet.access.wanted, alt.bbs.lists and ba.internet. Archived at and gopher:// internet, then providers.) Or send a message to with the subject, Send PDIAL.

Internet Connectivity Information and Products

Mailing List
INFO-NETS@THINK.COM. This mailing list is for general discussion of networks, focusing on internetwork connectivity. Focuses on general worldwide networking questions, connections to particular sites, and announcements of new networks and services. Subscription requests and questions should be sent to info-nets- Also see the USENET group info.nets. Archives are WAIS-indexed: info-nets.src

Getting Started Packages
The Internet Companion Expanded Book. The Voyager Company, 1993. The first expanded book to offer readers a live link into the Internet, using CERFnet's popular software. For more information, contact The Online BookStore, Whistlestop Mall, Rockport, MA 01966, (978) 546-7346. Or, send email to Other online options are; gopher:// (Choose Internet Information and Resources/The Internet Companion.)

Internet in a Box. O'Reilly and Associates, 1994. For more information, contact O'Reilly and Associates, Inc., 103A Morris St., Sebastopol, CA 95472, (800) 998-9938 or (707) 829-0515. gopher:// News Flash! and then What is Internet in a Box?) Or send email to

The Internet Membership Kit. Ventana Media, 1994. For either Macintosh or PC systems, this "kit" includes The Internet Yellow Pages, The Internet Tour Guides, a guide to downloading and configuring Mosaic, and software for a SLIP or PPP connection, which is provided by CERFnet. For more information, contact Ventana Media at P.O. Box 2468, Chapel Hill, NC 27515, (919) 942-0220, Fax (919) 942-1140. Or send email to:

SLIP and PPP Implementations
SLIP and PPP implementations for the PC are available commercially from the following companies. Frontier Technologies: (414) 241-4555FTP Software: (508) 685-4000 or send email to Netmanage: send email to Novell, Inc.: (801) 429-5588 or see PC Spry, Inc.: (206) 447-0300 or send email to

SLIP and PPP implementations for the Macintosh are available commercially from the following companies. Hyde Park Software: (800) 531-5170 or send email to InterCon Systems: (703) 709-9890 or send email to sales@intercon.con Synergy Software: (215) 779-0522

Freeware PPP implementations are available at See the dos/ directory for DOS systems. See the mac/ directory for Macintosh systems.

Books and Documents
Estrada, Susan. Connecting to the Internet: A Buyer's Guide. O'Reilly and Associates, 1993.

Knowing About Modems, by Patrick Chen. This resource is a good introduction to modems and modem standards. gopher:// Index, then Modems-General.)

PC-MAC TCP/IP and NFS FAQ List, by Rawn Shaw (

Quarterman, John S., and Smoot Carl-Mitchell. The Internet Connection: System Connectivity and Configuration. Addison-Wesley, 1994. Email for more information.

TCP/IP and Internetworking Information

Online Documents
Introduction to Internet Protocols, by Charles Hedrick

Network Reading List, by Charles Spurgeon. This is an annotated list of network-related items, such as books and resources describing TCP/IP protocol sites, Unix networking, and Ethernet local area technology: the README file.)

Request For Comments (RFCs and FYIs). RFCs (and the RFC index) can be obtained via ftp and email. For an rfc-index search, try WWW archive at Send a message to and in the message body put: help: ways_to_get_rfcs A help message will be returned to you. One ftp repository is

Mailing Lists This mailing list is a discussion group for TCP/IP developers and maintainers. Send subscription requests to:

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). This organization is an arm of the Internet Architecture Board and is concerned with protocol engineering, development, and standardization. To subscribe to a mailing list of IETF announcements, send email to To subscribe to a general discussion mailing list, send email to Futher information is available at:

Books and Periodicals
Arick, Martin R. The TCP/IP Companion: A Guide for the Common User. QED Publishing Group, 1993.

Black, Uyless. TCP/IP and Related Protocols. McGraw Hill, 1992.

Comer, Douglas E. and David L. Stevens. Internetworking with TCP/IP: Principles, Protocols and Architecture, Second Edition. Three volumes. Prentice Hall, 1992.

ConneXions: The Interoperability Report. For subscription information, write to Interop Company, a Division of ZP Expos, 303 Vintage Park Dr., Suite 201, Foster City, CA 94404-1138Phone: (415) 578-6900Fax: (415) 525-0194. For further information, send email to or see

Hunt, Craig. TCP/IP Network Adminstration. O'Reilly and Associates, 1992.

Unix Books

Gilly, David, and ORA Staff. UNIX in a Nutshell. O'Reilly and Associates, 1992.

Hahn, Harley. A Student's Guide to UNIX. McGraw Hill, 1993.

Libes, Don, and Sandy Ressler. Life with UNIX: A Guide for Everyone. Prentice-Hall, 1989.

Norton, Peter and Harley Hahn. Peter Norton's Guide to UNIX. Bantam Books, 1991.

Sobell, Mark G. A Practical Guide to UNIX Systems. Benjamin Cummings Publishing Co., 1989.

SSC Staff. Beginning UNIX Commands. Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc., 1992.

Todino, Grace, and John Strang. Learning the UNIX Operating System. O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 1989.


Online Documents Ethics and the Internet, by the Internet Activities Board, 1989.

Quadralay's Cryptography Archive, maintained by Brain Combs ( This is an archive of security and cryptography resources:

Site Security Handbook, by Paul Holbrook and Joyce K. Reynolds, 1991. Also known as FYI8.

Virus Information Documents. Public virus informational documents are maintained by Ken Van Wyk (, and are available at:

Mailing Lists
COMP-PRIVACY. Discusses how technology impacts privacy. List address: To request a subscription:

HACK-L The Hack Report. Reports new occurrences of hacking and computer security violation. List address: To subscribe: and in the body of the message type: subscribe hack-l The RISKS Digest is a moderated discussion group on general computer security issues. To subscribe, send a message to:

VALERT-L. This list shares urgent virus warnings. It is cross-posted to the VIRUS-L Digest. To subscribe, send a message to and include this command in the message body: sub valert-L your name VIRUS-L is an electronic mail discussion forum devoted to sharing information about computer viruses. To subscribe, send an email message to and include this command in the message body: SUB VIRUS-L your-name. Also, see the archives:

USENET Newsgroups
The following USENET newsgroups discuss matters of computer security:, comp.risks (the same as the RISKS mailing list digest), of CERT advisories),, and comp.virus(the same as the mailing listVIRUS-L).

Computer Emergency Response Team/CERT, Coordination Center Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie-Mellon University, 4500 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213 Phone: (412) 268-7090Fax: (412) 268-6989 Email: lists:;

Electronic Mail Protection
PEM (Privacy Enhanced Mail). Client is available at: For more information, see the PEM FAQ at or send email to: There is also a PGP/PEM FAQ at:

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Mail. Client is available at: For more information, see the PGP FAQ, posted to the USENET newsgroup and archived at:

Curry, David. UNIX System Security: A Guide for Users and System Administrators. Addison-Wesley, 1992.

Garfinkel, S. and E. Spafford. Practical UNIX Security. O'Reilly & Associates, 1991.

Hafner, Katie and John Markoff. Cyberpunk: Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier. Simon & Schuster, 1991.

Russell, Deborah and G.T. Gangemi, Sr. Computer Security Basics. O'Reilly and Associates, 1992.

Sterling, Bruce. The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier. Bantam Books, 1992.

Stoll, Clifford. The Cuckoo's Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage. Doubleday, 1989.

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