Catbird Press - Floyd Kemske -- Notes on Draft 2

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Conventions used in these documents

In order to go from a scene in this draft to the same scene in the next draft, click on the

at the beginning of the scene, or

at the end of the scene.

Press the 'Back Arrow' on your Mosaic button bar to return to your reading.

Text which is shown in blue represent 'hot' linked paragraphs, phrases, or words.

All 'hot' links which are represented by a graphic have a blue border. Graphics without a blue border are points of reference only.

If you click on a 'hot' paragraph, you will go to the same paragraph in the next draft.

When you are reading the Editorial Notes for each draft, if you click on 'hot' phrases, you will jump to the place in the first draft referred to which deals with the point. From there, you may be able to click and go on to the same place in the next draft.

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