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Quarterman and Carl-Mitchell Receive Honor

With its new server,, and with the collaboration of EUnet/Germany Online BookStore (OBS) is pleased to initiate a new program, Internet Author(s) of the Month, and to recognize two leaders in the global networking community, John S. Quarterman and Smoot Carl-Mitchell, as the first Authors of the Month.

Both of the Authors of the Month John Quarterman and Smoot Carl-Mitchell have written numerous books and articles about the Internet, since the earliest days of the 'Net.

OBS-US has chosen Quarterman and Carl-Mitchell as Authors of the Month not only because they publish, lecture, consult about networking, and travel the globe plying their trade, but also because they enable others to publish on the Net, first of all by offering advice about Internet connectivity, but more importantly, by offering advice and encouragement about publishing and living online. Their company, Texas Internet Consulting, was an early home of the Online BookStore (OBS).

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