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How to Post Your Book or Company at OBS

Your "Home Away From Home Page" at OBS offers a self-designed presentation on the Internet featuring your publication or company. Commonly referred to as a Home Page, this "Front Door" to your presence on the World Wide Web offers a way of access, a table of contents of sorts to your project or business. Because OBS has been pioneering the distributive publishing field on the Net longer than just about anyone else, we are in a good position to consult with you about the Internet publishing approach that's right for your project or your company.

You can determine the contents and context of your Home Page--it can be contained (complete in itself) or distributed (linked to other multimedia resources on the Internet). Your Home Page can exist at OBS as well as on your own site or others' sites. We do not try for exclusivity; in fact, as far as publishing is concerned, that defeats the ends of a distributive network. Our job is to help develop, implement, and post your Home Page and accompanying Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) files for your site in a fashion that best suits your company's business and goals.

Sample Home Page:

OBS custom-builds every publishing home page. That means we start off with a consult, generally by phone, with the author and/or publisher. Usually editorial and marketing people are involved in this consult, and frequently computer specialists and design people are involved as well. We listen to what you want to publish and why; we respond to your expressed and implied needs, and offer our suggestions. The goal is always to tailor our knowledge and skills to your publishing project.

Typically, your Home Page at OBS might consist of approximately 20 lines of ASCII type, which will be formatted into HTML. It might include:

Besides the posting of the Home Page, our basic service includes a Reporting feature: once a month, OBS will report to you by email the aggregate number of accesses (or hit count) to your Home Page. We can offer statistics reflecting extremely fine granularity, depending on your needs. For example, we could track the server traffic immediately following the publication of your OBS Home Page URL (Internet address) in an ad or your participation on a show featuring your Web site--offering valuable marketing knowledge. Our fee generally includes keeping the files posted for a year, so there is time to revise, update, and monitor your OBS Home Page.

OBS can help you with your Home Page with the following services:

If you are interested in establishing an Internet presence by creating a Home Page at OBS, please download and fill out this form and email it to

Note: OBS shall in its sole discretion make decisions concerning whether or not to post Home Pages, and will keep its clients apprised of its decisions in a prompt fashion.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to publishing with you.

The People at OBS

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