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Overview and Background

Publishing systems and services since 1982
Internet site developers since 1992
Rockport, Massachusetts


Moving to the Internet? From concept through implementation and hosting, OBS builds custom Internet (and Intranet) sites for leading companies.

Unlike the many newcomers to the Web, OBS has a history of innovation and accomplishment, as well as a vision for the future. We began publishing online in 1992, the dawn of Internet commercialization, and have continually adapted our approach, from early Mosaic, to Netscape and IE, and into client/server database sites.

Visit OBS's content-rich "museum" of online projects, compelling evidence of OBS's years of pioneering. Our newest sites demonstrate the latest functionality for client-controlled generated sites.

OBS approaches the Internet as more than a new platform for marketing existing products. We help our clients discover new potentials through internetworking. Customizing our ideas-and software-every time out, OBS enables each of our client companies to "move into" this new space and to work effectively online.

OBS Builds Sites That Work


Open Book Systems (OBS) began in 1992 as a division of Editorial Inc. (a book production company and literary agency founded in 1982), and was incorporated in 1994 as Online BookStore (OBS), Ltd. In 1995, "Online BookStore" became "Open Book Systems," in order to reflect our mission: to explore and develop the Internet as a publishing platform and business environment in its own right. .

Our experience lends itself unusually well to the online publishing environment. With our full-time staff, supplemented by over 100 freelancers, we have produced hundreds of titles on paper, disk, and online for most of the leading publishers in the US. Our strong publishing background, combined with extensive internetworking knowledge and experience, make OBS a valuable partner on the Net.

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