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Finally, A Private International Web Tour for Nontech Execs

When exponential growth occurs on a base population in the tens of millions, things can get confusing really fast. It's as if someone hit the channel changer and suddenly, Cyberbabel is everywhere and increasing--in airports, newspapers, at home, and in the Board Room. Your employees talk about surfing to museums in France and to Fidelity in Boston; company clients ask about your Internet strategy. Time for you to do some fast driving on the big roads and back streets of the Internet, to take a thoroughly custom tour of how your industry, your competition is shaping up today, anywhere in the world, online. Knowledge can turn confusion into opportunity. Now, all you need is a pilot to start you on that tour...

Online BookStore (OBS) began publishing books on the Internet back in 1992, before it was legal to say "business" and "Internet" in the same breath. We make it our business to "custom share" our knowledge about the Internet with our clients from around the world. The two principals in our company have logged in over forty years of wide-area internetworking and computer book publishing. Combine twenty years experience in military, governmental, and corporate internetworking, with twenty years publishing experience working for companies such as Little, Brown/Time Inc., Digital Press, and Ernst & Young, and it becomes clear why OBS has become such an unusual success, written about in "Forbes" and "Fortune," "Der Spiegel," "The London Times," and "The Wall Street Journal." As the Web grows, increasingly, our clients are asking us for private, industry-specific guided tours of the Web. So now we are offering just that, in the best way we know how. One-on-one. Live. Online.

To take a Web tour with your company's name on it, you will need a computer connected to the Internet, with either a direct connection or a modem speed of 14.4 or faster. Before the tour, we will supply you with an itinerary, a printed list of URLs or Web sites specific to your immediate business on the Internet. We'll agree on a time convenient for you--nights and weekends are fine with us, too!--then the odyssey begins. During our conference call/Web tour we will talk you through the sites until you put on the brakes.

Of course, we customize to suit your needs: on-site, link-provided, group lessons, some non-English-language tours are also possibilities, depending on your needs. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Tuition starts at $500.

Press here to send an email message, requesting an initial phone call, principal to principal. Or you can call us at (978) 546-7346.

Thank you.