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What The Wall Street Journal Is Saying About OBS

The Wall Street Journal, September 17, 1993
"King Work to be Offered Only on Internet Network"

"Stephen King's latest work will be published Sunday - but not on paper...

"The King story...will be offered over the Internet through the Online BookStore..."

The Wall Street Journal, January 11, 1993
"Marketplace--Technology: Visiting a BookStore by switching on a PC"

"Coming soon to a PC nearby: a bookstore without shelves, selling books without paper. At the Online BookStore, PC users will be able to browse through books on their PC's...

"This isn't the first on-line service to make books available electronically...But Online says it will be the first to offer current titles in a way that compensates authors and publishers.

"'This has the potential to change the way we all do business,' says Keith Wollman, a senior editor at Addison-Wesley."

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