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What Forbes ASAP Is Saying About OBS

Forbes ASAP, February 27, 1995
"I-Way Entrepreneurs"

"Stop by the Online BookStore for a lesson in cyberchic. Founder and president Laura Fillmore wants to redefine reading so that 'it's not the private, linear experience that it was in the age of print,' but rather a 'distributed, kinetic' experience that encompasses links to texts and graphics worldwide...

"In the process, OBS and its publishing clients are helping to redefine the notion of ownership of intellectual content: If you visit its Web see an array of titles from various publishers. In a couple of cases, such as Colin Haynes's Paperless Publishing, published by McGraw-Hill, you can read the whole book on line, if you have the time and inclination.

"In most cases, you can read parts of it, check out other texts, maps, news feeds, etc., that it points you to, and order the book."

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