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What American Bookseller Is Saying About OBS

American Bookseller, April, 1994
"The Online BookStore: Future or Fantasy"

"I may have seen the future. The other day I had a fascinating experience. I witnessed a demonstration of...the Online BookStore...

"...I must say, the experience was exhilarating...

"...with certain books designed for on-screen usage, there are things you can do on-line that you can't do on paper...Even this just begins to reveal the enormous potential of on-line books...

"...when you read a book on-line you can have universal access to the world-wide docuverse, a term first used by the father of hypertext, Ted Nelson.

"Optimum use of electronic books online means reading becomes an interactive experience with the free-wheeling ability to link texts and documents almost at will. This is already possible. True believers say it's only a matter of time before it becomes the accepted practice."

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