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Recent Quotes About OBS:

Publishers Weekly, Frankfurt Live 97, October 16, 1997 "Laura Fillmore Comments on DOI"

"In creating the DOI system, publishers are putting themselves in the position of global information architects, which in a new and evolving commercial system, may be seen as quite a strong and appropriate position."

Publishers Weekly, July 1997
"The Road Ahead: Publishing visionaries look at the changes that digital technology might bring"

"What we need ... is the recognition of "cogniright," the freedom and the right to think online, and a royalty model that takes this freedom into account.

"An author's work ultimately achieves its value from being used, from being applied by its readers. On The Internet, it's more important to determine how a work is accessed, and who has access to it, than it is to try and prevent copying. It's like scholarly publishing, in a sense. Scientists achieve recognition by how many people footnote their work and how widely their thoughts are absorbed and referenced among their peers, not by how many copies of a journal containing their article are circulated."

"Consequently, the online commercial publishing royalty model has to involve the reader in a more direct way than the print model does. This means that the royalties an author gets from publishing online will most likely be a direct result from how many times their work is accessed and applied or referred to downstream by the readers. With the advent of micro financial transactions, this model can work."

WebMaster, February 1997
"Making Book"

"Laura Fillmore, president and CEO of Open Book Systems Ltd. ...., has always been impatient with an online publishing model that echoes the print version, and now she's pushing her ideas even further."

"Fillmore's latest effort is the world's first Internet Rights Auction, held at the 48th Frankfurt Book Fair in October 1996."

"Unlike most rights auctions, this one required potential buyers to submit not only a dollar amount but also a detailed proposal of how exactly the book would be represented on the Web. It was that proposal, not the money that persuaded [the author] Maeve Binchy to sell her novel to a new Dutch company that will use Circle of Friends to help teach an online publishing course ..."

Go2: The Guardian OnLine online, September 18, 1996
"Keep death off the codes: Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, says Gregory Rawlins"

"Did you hear the one about the computer industry's progress?" one programmer says to another.

"No, how does it go?"

"If the car industry was anything like the computer industry," the first programmer says, "a Rolls-Royce would cost a penny, would get a million kilometres per gallon . . ." ". . . and would crash once a week, killing all passengers," the other programmer finishes.

When dealing with sensitive systems, the most terrifying word in the world is "Oops". As computers control more and more things, system reliability becomes a problem.

"This extract is taken from Moths to the Flame: The Seductions of Computer Technology, by Gregory JE Rawlins, published last week by the MIT Press..."

Reuters, Friday September 6, 1996
Frankfurt Book Fair Plans First Net Rights Auction

"Literary agents plan to sell the rights of Circle of Friends, a best-selling novel by popular Irish fiction writer Maeve Binchy, to Internet providers during the week-long fair which last year attracted about 9,000 publishers from 97 countries.

"Rights to the non-fiction Moths to the Flame: Seductions of Computer Technology, by U.S. Internet expert Gregory Rawlins, will also be offered.

"'The aim here is to establish a model for co-operation between traditional publishers and people publishing on the Net,' he said...."

Inn Marketing, May 1996
"News at a Glance"

"Interactive Bed & Breakfast in New England allows travelers to book accomodations using the Internet. This guidebook by Bernice Chesler is located at Open Book Systems, veteran Net publishers and online marketers since 1992. Chesler was the first B&B author to go online, starting with OBS in 1994.

"She has now released her latest edition on the Internet prior to its publication this month by Chronicle Books.

"This is the first "formsearchable" site OBS has released."

Small Business Success, Volume IX, 1996
"Unusual Bookstore Provides a Glimpse of the Future of Publishing"

"Anyone interested in Nelson Mandela's autobiography can get a copy free at the Online Bookstore (OBS),...

"We create something that's a complement to the printed book," Fillmore explains.

"Fillmore says free access to titles and the interactive links that make it possible for the reader to learn more about a subject at the click of a mouse generate interest that translates into additional sales of printed books.

"I originally thought I was in the business of selling files," Fillmore concludes. "Actually, it's access to ideas."

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