Jacqueline's Ideas

Chapter 2

Norman told him about Jacqueline and that she had an idea for a

product he would prefer she explained to him herself. He reminded

his boss at several points in the explanation that Pierce had asked him

to help find employees like Jacqueline.


"No company can prosper if it evaluates ideas by their source rather than

their merit," said Jacqueline. "In the nineties, new ideas can come from

anywhere. Have you ever heard of re-engineering?"

Norman expected Pierce to whip out his blank paper, but his boss just

sounded cagey.

"Fads and fashion," said the shadow.

"Not at all," said Jacqueline. "It's an idea whose time has come.

At least for this company."



Jacqueline's Love for Power

The next day, Jacqueline seemed pleased at the idea of meeting with

Norman and Pierce, and it occurred to Norman that she felt it as

important to get close to power as to have her ideas heard. In fact,

it was probably even more important.



Jacqueline before meeting Pierce

Chapter 2

He looked at Jacqueline, and she looked as serious as ever. She was

wearing another power suit. He wasn't sure, but he thought the stripe

was even more pronounced this time. Norman supposed that was the

essence of power dressing: some small bizarre flaw, like a bright yellow

necktie or an excessive stripe, that allowed the wearer the illusion of

having personal taste in clothing.


He looked away and saw Jacqueline fumbling a little to seat herself in

the other chair. She was not unattractive in this [dim] light.

From the side, Norman couldn't see her contact lenses. Her black hair

gleamed where the light caught it, and when she turned her head to look

away from the desk lamp, she showed an expanse of creamy white neck.


Jacqueline after meeting Pierce

Chapter 3

When he looked up, Jacqueline was standing in front of him. She had

approached so quietly that he was almost startled, the more so because

she looked awful. Her skin was paler than he remembered, and her

face had a drawn look, almost gaunt. Her eyes were rimmed

bright red, which gave her bright blue contact lenses an unattractive but

slightly patriotic effect.


Jacqueline shifted her leather portfolio from her right to her left hand,

then rubbed a small bruise on her neck with the right. Her

movements were lethargic in a way that seemed unlike her and her voice

was uncharacteristically soft and monotonous. "I didn't feel well this morning."