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And here is an article posted recently by a Romanian as an answer to the question:

"Where did [Vlad the Impaler, the model for Dracula] live?"


Newsgroups: soc.culture.romanian

Subject: Re: Dracula

Date: Sat, 25 Feb 95 22:51:32 PDT


In article <>, <> writes:

> He lived all over the place ! Once you get to Romania, you could try Bran

> Castle and Tirgoviste !

Actually, believe it or not, he lived in Bucharest and, for a long, long time

in... Budapest as the honored guest (private cell, no outside view and shackles

attached to walls) of the Hungarian King who was... Romanian (from Illyria,

nonetheless!) His palace in Bucharest was obliterated by Dracula II (aka

Ceausescu) to make room for a modern monstrosity, the People's Palace.

He also stayed in Targoviste, but never at Bran which he tried to sack twice

with not much success (although he burned the crap out of the surroundings).

He was burried near Bucharest, Monastery Snagov, but, when the grave was opened

in the 20's, it was empty! Oooooooooooooo...

Have a good trip and bring along some garlic and a wooden cross... just in

case!(US dollars will also help!)

Dorin Taranul