"I've never met a nicer character than Norman working for Human Resources", thought Lidia, who had decided to leave Biomethods, Inc. "The ones I've met so far are the kind of people who never doubt the effectiveness of self-assertion seminars, very much like Gwen, or Jacqueline. I wonder how Norman could become manager of that department? That gives me some hope for my interview tomorrow, after all. May-be I won't have to tell those guys at IntelliGenetics that they will go bankrupt if they don't hire me... If it were Norman I was talking to, maybe I could just behave like a rational human being and still get the job...You see, I wasn't raised that way: where I come from, modesty was valued highly. You admitted that you cannot possibly know everything. That you might even be mistaken. The more you bragged, the more suspect you became. And was does a self-assertion seminar teach you, if not to think that you have no limits, or at least to conceal them?"