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Volunteer sign-up for
cybership Adventure

Join the cyber crew of the good ship Adventure! If you are a sailing aficioniado, or an armchair sailor looking for a voyage, your skills can help bring the ship into top shape. Specific duties of the volunteer crew include:

Forum Moderators-- Name your topic and we'll host an online discussion

Java Programmers -- Breathe wind into the .gifs' sails, attach sound files to the fog horn in Gloucester Harbor, let your imagination be your guide

Link Editors and Researchers -- Research schooner-related links and content

Online Marketeers -- Get the word out about the Schooner Adventure's floating schoolroom

Curriculum Specialists -- Work with the crew to interweave our nautical resources into the classroom curriculum

Translators -- Translate selected files into German, French, or Portuguese, for example

All volunteers will be fully credited on the site, with links to your home page or email address -- and a hearty welcome by the real life Gloucester crew

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