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Directions to the Adventure from Boston

To get to the Adventure on Harbor Loop, drive North on Route 128 (the Technology Highway that makes a ring around Boston) to its very end.

As you approach Gloucester the highway will first pass over a bridge and shortly thereafter enter a Rotary #1 (Grant Circle).

Take the Second right off Rotary #1, following signs for Route 128.

After about a mile you will come to Rotary #2 (Blackburn Circle). Take the Second right off Rotary #2 (You will see a sign pointing to Gloucester/Rockport and Route 127).

After approx 1/3 mile you will come to an intersection with traffic lights, the end of Route 128.

Turn right at the light, proceed past Gleason's Bait Shop on your right, and if you go straight you will drive right into Gloucester Harbor. Instead, turn right again, follow the water as closely as you can till you see the largest mast on the waterfront on your Left, and that's the Adventure, at her berth at Harbor Loop, right at the foot of the Fitz Hugh Lane House and slightly beyond Dunkin Donuts.

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